Go M.A.D.

Go Make A Difference- A spring leadership conference hosted by UCSD's Center for Student Involvement – Communication & Leadership


What Go M.A.D. participants had to say-

“The workshops were very inspirational and helpful.” 25Feb13 004

“Go M.A.D. was especially effective in showing me how to utilize my love for working with people.”

“Great keynote speakers. Bring Joon and Alex back!”

“Thoughtful topics and interactive sessions. Also, the speakers were awesome!”

Go MAD 080“Motivation for personal development!”

“Great event. Excellent presenters”

“I’m really glad I came! The keynote speakers were really good and I loved the seminars because it was a good way to really network in a more personal environment.”

“Very inspirational speakers.”

Go MAD 049

-Rated ‘Excellent’ overall quality by 4 out of 5 participants.

We would love to hear from you! Help us out by dropping a line to tell us what you loved or didn’t love about Go M.A.D. so that we may continue to inspire personal, academic, and professional growth. Reach us at ccl@ucsd.edu


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